Westphalian castle

I had intended to publish this post yesterday, but time got away from me since I had to upload photos from my computer. Oh, well! Try to find a Thursday equivalent of Wordless Wednesday!

The title sounds weird, doesn’t it? I’ve never been to Germany or Westphalia.

Well, actually I did, in a literary sense, in my junior year of high school:

“In the country of Westphalia, in the castle of the most noble Baron of Thunder-ten-tronckh, … [the] Baron was one of the most powerful lords in Westphalia, for his castle had not only a gate, but even windows, and his great hall was hung with tapestry.”

Thanks, Voltaire, for inspiring this sequence of photos.


Noah’s office at Northwestern. A shared office with five desks, one roof-view window, and the desk is shown empty here, after having cleaned it off last year for the last time.

Mostly clean desk.jpg

Noah’s office at UW-Stout, in a converted supply closet with five desks, zero windows, and a pipe that was a weather indicator.


The best of all possible shared offices, with only one officemate, a huge window overlooking the lake, and tons of space for students. I’ll have to work to find some tapestry, however!


Carthage Teaching: 6 days

NU vs NU: 23 days

High Holidays: 32 days

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