Garbage post!

I don’t think that this post is complete trash, but I thought it was funny. I should have written it last week when the specific prompt was fresher in my head, but I will try to take it out quickly.

On the day before Labor Day, I helped my friend Sarah move in to a new apartment, and one of the items that she needed at Target was a new trash can. I was “sprucing up” the word by using my stalwart phrase “refuse receptacle” which sounds a lot more fun than “trash can.”

Well, we found the aisle in Target, and this is the placard that appeared:

wp-1473943823937.jpgWow! I must have been on to something. (Incidentally, today marks five years since I first met Sarah. Yet another reference to 2011, the Noah Year Of Blossoming.)

The next day, I was with Dina at Whitehall, where her grandmother was in rehab after hip-replacement surgery. One of the doors was where the rubbish was supposed to be taken, and I thought that the label on the door was sending mixed messages, as shown below.


Why do I see mixed messages? I wouldn’t expect the word “rubbish,” “trash,” or “refuse” to be in a calligraphic font. Granted, it doesn’t need to be in Comic Sans or some other silliness (PENCIL TELEPHONE HOURGLASS!)

Time for me to bag it up and take it out. Next stops: Minyan, Football, Century! Unfortunately, no Garbage Stayman, since the first meeting of NU bridge club for the year won’t happen this week while I’m in Evanston.


North Shore Century: 2 days

NU vs NU: 8 days

High Holidays: 17 days

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