Beacon of the season #writephoto

As a way to get some blogging going, I’ll participate in a #Writephoto again. Writing this on a Sunday afternoon, I’ll wait to post it until Monday, for the benefit of my readers who might not be online on Sundays. Yet, I’m going to have a Sports Twist on it.


The skies darken.

The Boys of Summer have yielded to the Men of Fall…

… at least south of Roosevelt in Chicago.

Yet, despite the end of September…

some places are already eagerly awaiting November.

And for that I do not even mean the End of the Ad-Hominems.

The skies darken.

I trade a road bike helmet

For a rotation of hard hats.

The skies darken.

The gridders fifty miles to the south

Struggle mightily, but for nought.

The plight of the gridders

To the southeast in Kansas

And to the southwest in Kentucky.

A combined four victories and seven defeats.

The skies darken.

Sunlight yields for clouds,

Obscuring blue with black and purple.

The better days are just ahead,

Saith the Beacon.

Jayhawk and Wildcat faithful plead,

“Is it basketball season yet?”

The skies darken.

But look over yonder! It’s the beacon

Of November…

Promising a Zero And Zero Start.

Yes, the hope of the hoops

Shine from this beacon

As the skies darken.



High Holidays: 7 days

End of the Ad-Hominem: 37 days

Lincoln: 85 (plus or minus 2) days

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