Whew, the last two days have been a whirlwind! And the beginning of October may be a whirlwind. This will be a short post, or I will try to make it short.

By looking at the countdown at the basement of this post, you know that the High Holidays are just around the corner. Well, tomorrow also begins October, which means that this blog will host its fifth round of O.C.T.O.B.E.R. (One Creative Title Of Blog-Everyday Regimen)

Since the Holidays are all on weekdays this year (Monday, Tuesday, the following Wednesday!) , I am missing three days of work. It was particularly pernicious this week, since I had to, on Thursday, prepare material for Friday, Monday, AND Tuesday! But maybe it wasn’t so bad, for the following reasons:

  • I cancelled my Applied Math classes for Monday, for “charity” purposes.
  • The Monday activity on Calculus is a practice exam that I will give to the students.
  • The Tuesday activity is just an exam. (Ha… JUST?)
  • I knocked out all of the grading that I had to do from last week earlier.

Still, it was a lot of prep, and I need to at least get prep for Applied done before the holiday weekend begins. So I’m off shortly.

Plus, since I plan on going off the grid during ראש השנה (Rosh Hashanah), I will need to write my Monday and Tuesday O.C.T.O.B.E.R. posts ahead of time. That’s what Sunday morning is for, I suppose!

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to assign writing projects to grade, since those are on the backburner (as well as all grading) until after the holiday. I could expect a heavy workload right after I get back, but at least I’ll have Thursday bereft of classes in order to catch up!

And you know what? I actually enjoy the craziness of whirlwind days. More exciting than Do-Nothing!


High Holidays: 2 days

End of the Ad-Hominems: 38 days

Lincoln: 81 days

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