[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. V-6] Chili and Cinnamon Rolls (Part 1 of 3: The Setup)

In my Agenda Post from a few days ago, I had mentioned that I might do some Throwback Thursdays during this month. Indeed, I am going to do that… but have decided to do the first three Thursdays as a three-part sequence. This Throwback is family lore, and though I didn’t journal at the time, I still have fairly vivid memories of this event, as well the lead-up and the aftermath.

It was a Thursday morning, fairly early in my eighth-grade year (in the year 2000). On Thursday mornings, Mom or Dad would drive Casey, Molly, and Levi to school at Humann Elementary School, before dropping me off at Pound Middle School.

The radio often changed from KFRX (102.7 at the time) to The Eagle (92.9 KTGL) once the others were dropped off. I was much more into classic rock at the time than Top 40 music–I deemed that period of time to be a nadir of music.

However, in the mornings, there wasn’t a lot of music played, even on The Eagle. The station had a morning show, “Joe & Timmo On The Eagle.” On this day, they were chatting about chili and cinnamon rolls, because one of the school lunch options that day was… you guessed it, chili and cinnamon rolls! We heard this chat segment as we reached the intersection of 46th and 45/Duxhall.

They were discussing it as a Nebraska thing, although I disagreed, because in Fort Dodge, chili was also served with cinnamon rolls at lunch. On the show, they had mentioned the schools, and Dad suggested, “I think it would be fun to invite them to school for lunch on a future chili day!”

This seemed a little strange to me, but I was willing to give it a go. I had called the station a few times in the past:

  • My first-ever song request on the radio in the summer of 1998 (Point of Know Return by Kansas on KTGL’s All-Request Lunch Hour)
  • Attempting to enter a Win-Money contest by being the tenth caller. Unfortunately, I was 7 years too young at the time… despite the fact that I might have been the tenth caller!

So I used Dad’s StarTAC cell phone before I got to school, and mentioned that I loved chili and cinnamon rolls, and that it would be fun to have lunch at Pound on a future chili day. They seemed willing to oblige, and thankfully they did NOT put my voice on the air.

Stay tuned for more… next Thursday!


Kol Nidrei/Yom Kippur: 5 days

End of the Ad-Hominems: 33 days

Lincoln: 75 days

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