[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. V-7] Draw!

The way that I have titled this post, I have to hope that I “draw!” a non-single-digit spade card. I’d rather not blow up!


A card where you must “Draw!” and hope to not draw a single-digit spade.

Of course, as you probably expected, I’m not really going to talk about being blown to smithereens.

Instead, I want to talk about the word “draw,” and where it can appear.

Specifically, I have two different tables to show, with “draw” in a different place.




Both of these tables show Association football records, goals for, goals against, and points. The standard points in Association football bequeaths three points for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss.

The MLS standings table shown here has the record as Won-Drew-Lost.

But the Big Ten standings table has the record as Won-Lost-Drew.

I think it’s based on American aversion to ties/draws. There’s no such thing as a tie in baseball (well, actually the Cubs and the Pirates tied last week, due to weather in a regular-season game that had no postseason implications). There’s no ties in basketball or college football either. Prior to 2014, there were no ties in the Pokemon TCG. And ties are sufficiently rare in the NFL that there might as well not be ties.

Thus, in the States, the records are always given as Won-Lost. In games where there are ties, they are appended to the record as a third number, which leads to the strange fact that the third number is not the worst number in the record.

Yep, in the States, a 0-0-7 record is worth 7 points in the standings, but an 0-7-0 record is worth no points.

In fact, though the Olympics reported all records as Won-Drew-Lost, the Drew and Lost were not reversed in American papers, so the columns would be, for example: USA: Won 1, Lost 1, Tied 0 when the actual result was Won 1, Lost 0, Tied 1.

I love it (cough-cough) how American conventions on this are different from other places in the world.


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