[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. V-10] Simulcast

Tonight, I’m trying more of a multi-pronged set of activity versus what I did last night.

I have prepared the exams for my Applied Math classes, which took a little longer than I had anticipated, but I want to make sure that there aren’t any typos or transcription errors between the different versions.

As I am preparing for the calculus lab for tomorrow, which thankfully is material that I’m very comfortable teaching, I am also watching the Cubs/Giants game on TV.  Obviously, I’m hoping for a Chicago win in order to complete a sweep and advance to the next round.

However, for amusement, I’m watching the FOX Deportes feed. Sí, en español!

Interestingly, however, the VIDEO of the game’s feed is identical to the English-language version on FS1, excluding slight broadcast delay. This includes any insets that pop up on screen (such as stats)–these pop-ups are in English.

This is different from, say, the World Cup, where even though the video feed is the same between the English- and Spanish-language broadcasts, all of the pop-ups are in Spanish for the soccer games.

I wonder if that poses difficulty for those baseball fans who don’t read English?


Kol Nidrei/Yom Kippur: Tomorrow!

End of the Ad-Hominems: 29 days

Lincoln: 71 days

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