[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. V-12] Holidays and albums

It’s late in the evening on מוצאי יום כיפור (the evening after Yom Kippur), and I am writing this post mobile style. Ergo shall it be brief.

The last several Jewish holidays that I have spent with friends have involved looking at my friends’ family pictures. During both פסח ושבועות (Passover and Shavuot), one of the activities at home was looking at photos of long ago summer vacations of Sarah’s family.

בערב ראש השנה (on the eve of Rosh HaShanah), Dina and I perused a wedding album of her parents.

And today during the interim of services, I saw albums of her בת מצוות (bat mitzvah), as well as those of her brothers.

Each of these made me want to see old photos and albums from my own family, especially of my בר מצווה. Mom, if you read this post, you now have a homework assignment and about 75 days to do it!


Countdowns pre-empted for this post.


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