[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. V-20] Chili and Cinnamon Rolls (Part 2: The Lunch)

Two weeks ago, I wrote about chili and cinnamon rolls, and promised a three-part sequence. Thus, here is Post Number Two. As a quick reminder, in Part One, I gave my background with listening to The Eagle (KTGL Lincoln-Beatrice), and the morning when Joe and Timmo were talking about the combination of chili and cinnamon rolls.

After calling Joe and Timmo to invite them to lunch, they had suggested the January LPS chili day, and that corresponded to Thursday, January 25, 2001. In retrospect, that was going to be a crazy day for them to come, because it was the fourth day of the second semester. (During my eighth grade year, we had a week-long vacation in the middle of January, intended as semester break. Obviously, this is ridiculous, but many calendars that go Labor to Memorial Day struggle with continuity and evenness of the halves.)

(For a future post: I will reproduce my journals from the vacation we took during that week.)

The day of January 25 began like any other day. I went to school so as to be there at eight in the morning. I started the day in my English 8D class, in the portables on the north side of the school. I could recount my activities from each class if I had my planner on me, but said planner is back at home.

Then, I went to Science 8D, going through Mrs. Divis-Kovar’s classroom to get to Mrs. Vasa’s class, and it was one of my favorite classes as we talked about physical science. Since it used math, it kept me engaged.

Two of the remaining classes prior to lunch were in the portables: Social Studies with Mrs. Patterson and Health with Mr. Deschaine. I then proceeded into the lobby with the green staircase and the multilingual “Welcome” words.

I waited in the lobby for a few minutes, waiting for unfamiliar faces (since I had not actually met Joe and Timmo face-to-face, but figured that my at least one of my parents would be coming with them).

Unfortunately, they did not show up, but the office secretary told me that my Mom just called, saying that they would have to reschedule.

The chili and cinnamon rolls still tasted good, as I ate with some of my classmates, as well as Mr. Schulz, my band teacher.

When I got home, I wrote on Mom’s calendar, “MISS!” over the plan.

Fast forward three months, to April 19, 2001. We were going to try again.

Fast-forwarding through the school day to lunch, I entered the lobby again after Health class. The time was 11:35, and Mom, Joe, and Timmo were waiting for me in the lobby. I was thrilled that this appointment actually worked!

We got in line, and with “celebrities” at my table, I’m guessing that some of my classmates and peers were intrigued. As we ate lunch, we chatted about concerts, classic rock, and my history with The Eagle. Joe and Timmo also talked about what it’s like being a radio personality, and it felt very comfortable to me. All of the specific details, save one story that I will save for next week, have unfortunately been lost in the sands of time.

Though I wasn’t aware of my inner emotions at the time, looking in retrospect, I feel pride in my first attempt at being a party planner. I also think that this was an early step in helping me break out of my Aspergian shell. Yes, it was socializing with adults which I was already pretty good at, but nevertheless…

The biggest legacy of the lunch, however, will come in the conclusion post. I’d like to spread out the story!


Today is the twentieth day of O.C.T.O.B.E.R. That makes two weeks and six days.

End of the Ad-Hominems: 19 days

Thanksgiving: 35 days

Lincoln: 61 days

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