[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. V-23] Homecoming 

Yesterday, I did something for only the second time in the last eleven years…

…attend Homecoming festivities. 

WHOA! Hold the phones!

I have been to the Homecoming game of my current school ever since 2004.

However, I am talking about homecoming at school(s) at which I am an alumnus. 

  • In 2005, I went to the homecoming game at Southeast High School the fall after graduating since Seacrest Field was a short distance from UNL. The Knights, though, fell to the Silver Hawks.
  • For my remaining years at UNL, I did not attend the homecoming game for Southeast, due to conflicts with on campus activities and/or services. 
  • After moving to Evanston, the only Nebraska games I saw in Lincoln were Northwestern games or the 2013 opener… none of which were homecoming. 
  • Last year, the only home Northwestern game I saw was the season opener.
  • But this year, I have been to most of the Northwestern home games.

Interestingly, however, one “could” say that I attended the Homecoming game at Northwestern as part of the class of 2010, since I earned my masters degree from NU in that year. But I do not count this since I remained a student at the same school. 

Who knows what future years will bring for homecoming at the schools from which I have graduated? 


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