Delete ’em all!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been busy with holidays, grading, and general work. Therefore, my personal inbox  has overflowed with unread blog post notifications.

Because these sometimes come at the rate of 20+ per day, I have to realize that I cannot hope to read all of them… particularly when many of them are reblogs anyway–responses to a blogging prompt.

Since blog reading is a hobby, rather than a job of mine, I am choosing this morning to cut my losses. Though there might be some interesting posts, I don’t want to wade through all 200-plus e-mails to find the interesting posts over the last two weeks.

Whether you see this as waving the white flag or empowering myself with the Delete key, I’m about to delete more than two weeks of email backlog. Maybe a clearer inbox will also make it seem more manageable when I later get blog notifications… something to read in the evening.

Here goes…!




Oh, and another nice thing. My journal, which has been at least 3 days in arrears ever since Yom Kippur, is now fully caught up. Even if I skimped on some details due to everything muddling together…

I wonder, sometimes, whether my blogging or logging hobbies are unhealthy for me with my insistence on keeping up?


End of the Ad-Hominems: 2 days

Thanksgiving Recess: 13 days

Lincoln: 44 days

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3 thoughts on “Delete ’em all!

  1. When I get those rare weekends away, I have to use the delete button too…but still have to check the email titles first as mine come in at the rate of hundreds a day…and not all about blogs. It is quite liberating though to instantly free up seeveral hours with a delete button 🙂


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