It’s worth it!

On Sunday, I went to Northwestern’s Norris Center to play bridge, and had a lot of fun. It is not unusual for alumni of Northwestern to show up to bridge club on occasion there. Indeed, when I was a student at NU, alumni of the club came every so often, as well as some community members.

Hopefully it’s not seen as creepy that I have returned to Northwestern Hillel, or the bridge club, as an alumnus. I find myself in a strange position of feeling quite young, yet being much older than NU students at this point.

However, the reason for THIS post came after I was finished playing bridge. As I was leaving, I encountered a familiar face, and for once was able to put the name with the face.

It was Jordan F., one of my students from Math 234 (Multiple Integration and Vector Calculus) in the 2014-2015 school year! She is now applying to grad school in mechanical engineering, and mentioned to her friend that I really helped her through that course.

I am really proud of her, and also glad that I made a difference and a mark on at least one student! Though not a token situation, this is one great thing about education and seeing a former student later. I can only imagine that the feeling that I got is similar to the feeling that some of my favorite teachers from my earlier years feel about me when I reach out to them!

I have always enjoyed getting to know the students in my classes, and it’s much easier to get to know the ones that reach out to me in office hours, whether they are the “superstar” students, the ones that ride my help to a barely-passing grade, and everyone in between! It’s the joy of education.


Thanksgiving Recess: 2 days

Lincoln: 33 days

Israel: 200 days

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