It’s a drag!

I know that I have posted about this before, but it’s still a lament that I am not alone in making. But, I’ll try to make it somewhat poetic. I’m nobody’s poet, but hopefully it won’t be half-bad. (And no, I’m not about to start talking about pina coladas.)

As soon as that vacation starts

The mind begins to drift apart

Lazily dreaming through the days without work

Or perhaps storing up to go berserk


The body relaxes, or maybe it tightens

Culinary changes could frighten

Time with family could be for love or dread

Depending on the relationships as seen in your head


Many will have been off since Thursday

Others will have been off since Wednesday

Some lucky (insert your adjective here)

Had no Monday last week to work

And who says that my verses must rhyme or be quasi-quatrains?

After all, I was one of the lucky Blanks that had a full nine days off!


Regardless of whether the vacation was four, five, or nine days

Dread sinks in once the night of Sunday stays

Ugh–work calls in the morning

And the mind won’t heed the warning


That first day back after a long break

May have a lot of productivity at stake

Nevertheless, all vacations must come to an close

No worries, though: holiday season will have another pose!



Lincoln: 23 days

J-Term: 36 days

Israel: 188 days

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