One or two?

I think I’ve got the common cold. The last few days my ears have been plugged up, I’ve had ONE nostril particularly irritated, and I was a little sore, including a pressure headache in ONE eye only.

Notice the emphasis on the words “one” there.

The password is “asymmetry.” In some cases, I feel that it’s worse to have one eye and one nostril plugged/pressured up, or irritated.

In my case yesterday, the asymmetry not only meant that blowing my nose was useless, but that my left side (as I see it) really bothered me throughout the day.

I don’t know whether it’s worse to have one side plugged up or both sides, but I think I’d rather have symmetrical annoyance.

Though the common cold never knocks me out onto the couch or bed, I do not have immunity from the annoyances of it, with congestion, cough, sneezing, and other symptoms.

Put it this way: I’m lucky that the common cold is most frequently the worst illness that I contract.


Lincoln: 16 days

J-Term: 29 days

Israel: 181 days

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