The marvellous sky shows a storm front yonder!

The first storm has already passed us by.

This tempest left snow and ice, full of wonder.

The water frozen, and the grasses icicles–oh my!


The intrepid traveller Travis, with no fear in his step,

Bounds excitedly through this frozen field

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! The ice shards are in prep

As Travis will not let the unbridled innocence yield


It is the combination of the innocence of the youth

The fragility of the season

The impending storm which might look so uncouth

And hopefully a cracking is not a reason


The albedo of the ice and icicles so magnificent

In cahoots with the brightly coloured skies giving warning

Regardless of whether received or yet to be sent

It shall be a beautiful morning.


Lincoln: 14 days

J-Term: 27 days

Israel: 179 days

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