Finally! #writephoto

From deep within the cave, monsters awaited

With such taxonomies as Rationalization, Fractions,

Linear Equations, and Quadratic Equations

And of course, Trigonometric and Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.

The resident tour guide had to calm the explorers’ fears.


It seemed like a horizon of despair

Only to see that in the Limit

As x approached some number a,

It wasn’t so bad. The cave continued sloping

Upward to new discoveries.


Yes, they took smaller and smaller steps, seeing exactly

How much closer they were to the surface.

The explorer’s height derivative was positive.

The confidence curve of the spelunkers appeared to be concave up.

Though a dip occurred as they encountered Related Rates.

And their tour guide even had a dip after a Rational Monster showed to be too complicated.


These steps began to add up for the explorers.

They have wondered how long, as they dutifully gave their number of steps per day.

Add ’em up, the tour guide admonishes.

And keep in mind that things can disintegrate

Once you have mastered the fundamental theorem.

You must use it wisely.


The cave got lighter and brighter.

A mysterious rock outcropping seemed to have

The same cross-sectional area throughout.

An elusive talisman that the tour guide

Had wanted to find to more easily

Demonstrate a solid of revolution

Without having to throw the vuvuzela about

Ugh, never revolve f(x) = 1/x about the x axis…


So nearly to the exit! The light is clearly visible.

But a smokescreen obscures the light.

Yes, said the tour guide.

Each of you must bravely face

The smoke and monster that lie ahead.

This is your final test

And remember that I have full confidence in your abilities.




Lincoln: 08 days

J-Term: 21 days

Israel: 173 days

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