Slap and run

Normally, I don’t talk about my pet peeves, because the pet peeves are usually so minor that they’re not worth complaining about.

I had intended to write this blog post about three weeks ago, but failed to write down the topic and forgot what it was. However, I remembered the topic a few days ago, when I saw a certain light decoration in Lincoln.

And when I say “slap and run,” I’m not talking about Emily Allard, Sabrina Rabin, or any other speedy slap-hitter in softball.


“Slap” refers to a restaurant server bringing the bill/check/receipt.

“Run” refers to the propensity for said server to immediately leave the table for a few minutes thereafter.

How did a certain light decoration that I saw two days ago bring the topic back to my head? Prepare for a little bit of Moon Logic:

The decoration had the number “5” and gold rings that flashed on and off. This reminds me of the Fifth Pain of Christmas:


And the “BILLS!” reminded me of three weeks ago when Dina and I were at La Fogata for dinner in Kenosha. I was a little miserable due to a cold which developed a few days prior, and so I wanted to get home as soon as possible after both of us were done eating.

After the server brought takeout boxes and the bill, they immediately started walking away, until I flagged them, “Wait! I’m ready to pay.”

I can understand the server not wanting to take the payment immediately, but one of my biggest pet peeves in restaurants is when the server brings the check and doesn’t offer you an opportunity to pay immediately.

Then again, that could be a boon if they have made a mistake on the bill. Come to think of it, is the reason for “Slap and Run” to protect the server against an immediate allegation of a clerical error on the receipt? Or am I overthinking this?

To prevent Slap-And-Run, should I have my payment method clearly visible after I finish eating?


Dina visit: 03 days

J-Term: 11 days

Road Trip: 84 days

Israel: 162 days

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