A taste of my own medicine

Oftentimes, I find myself giving song references or references to mutually known jokes/puns/experiences in some of my conversations.

For example, I might be speaking and notice that I said something resembling the lyrics of a song that I know. Take a conversation I had earlier today, when I asked “How long has this been going on?” when Mom put my bread in the toaster and overdid it a little bit. After she responded, and I said that I liked burnt toast, I added, “And I ain’t quite as dumb as I seem.”

Mom knew this time that I was talking about the Ace song “How Long.”

Most of the time, I am the person who leaves the other person scratching their heads with the “moon logic” or “fridge brilliance” as I discussed in an earlier blog post. But, there were at least two examples of situations where a reference flew over my head when given by someone else, recently on this vacation!

  1. Today, Dina and I drove to Sun Valley Lanes after a little bit of cruising around UNL’s campus. As we approached the alley, Mom and Casey each called me, alerting me to the fact that the bowling was at Hollywood Bowl on the other side of town. D’OH!
    Thankfully, we ended up at Hollywood only about 10 minutes late. As we got close, Dina said, “Which song are we going to sing to them?”
    I said, “Huh?” with a blank stare.
    She said, “We have to sing a song since we’re late!”
    AHA! This shocked me into memory: on the Birthright trip, the penalty for tardiness or a trip to the lost and found was either a song, embarrassing story, or joke. I then responded to her thing, “I can’t believe I didn’t catch that. I’m off kilter today!”
  2. Levi and I were talking about the Mall of America, and he brought up the Maze. He said that it is not in the mall, but that we have been there before. He gave another hint: “It’s NOT’y.” I was partially thinking of the “knotty” selfie that I sent him during a party two weekends ago, but that was not it. He gave me another hint about light, and I figured out: the Maze was IKEA. (He had a NOT lamp that I made a joke about existential crises, and the lamp came from IKEA).

Honestly, my dumbfoundedness about these examples are a good thing. I can’t always be the one with the clever dishing out if I’m unable to take it!


J-Term: 03 days

Road Trip: 76 days

Israel: 154 days

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