Singin’ on the ice

Today’s post will be a sequence of quatrains that involves ice and stranded (and will hopefully flow into a coherent story). A few songs will be injected in at the same time.

Here is a video of me orally interpreting the post. Follow along if you’d like!

A long day at work had ended a little dreary

As I had decided to alter the Session I material

Swapping out Fair Division for Graph Theory

And the clouds outside were not ethereal

The prep was not as harrowing as I thought

I used some premade advice this time

Nevertheless, the time was not

Short before I left, and hey this will rhyme!


It was the eighteen forty hour

I wheeled my bike from office to the steps of Straz

Took a few steps and things seemed dour

My bike and I nearly landed me on my as!

(hey, keep the rhyme and the mask on the mild cuss!)


So the bike sadly returned to the Lab

As I tried to cautiously walk back to Noahsek

But I pressed my luck and started to blab

On the phone, without TOTAL distraction from the tech


To pass the time as I walked

I made my routine call to Dina for the eve

I need not write what we talked

Though she was under the weather and needed additional reprieve


On the contrary, I was over the weather

The temperature was nice and nothin’ was fallin’

Once did I trip without a tether

But on ice—every day I’m shufflin’


And since the walk gave me time to think

Some music came to my head that I just had to share

To Y2K I first go—yes the millennium on the brink

Recalling Dark Cave and the confusion in the air


Why yes I will make an aside for the double meaning there

Zubat and Golbat flitting around with Confuse Ray

And then the ice maze as a method to tear hair

Yet the music was something to make my day


So maybe an inside reference, yes indeed

Of course it would come at some point

My blog is an outlet for my varied creed

Of writing, and you see it in THIS joint!



When one song comes, another will often follow

And shifting over almost a decade is what I will do

A song from The Rock Show for you to swallow

And you might hear the bike’s lament anew

“Stranded on my own,

Stranded far from home!”


Spring Semester: 21 days

Road Trip: 65 days

Israel: 143 days

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