The posts this week will be a two-part. I will begin with, today, something about directions. Then, on Thursday, I’ll have a Throwback Thursday post.

In the United States, the Interstate highways are numbered, and there is a little bit of a code to the numbers.

In general, the roads which are primarily east-west have even numbers, and the roads which are primarily north-south have odd numbers. Additionally, the tens digit increases from south to north, and from west to east, in most cases.

However, Interstate 94 is very weird in this way. Because it is an even number, it is primarily east-west.

Yet, it runs through the Chicagoland area, in mostly a north-south direction. This primary north-south segment runs from Chicago all the way to Milwaukee!

In Chicagoland, I-94 is concurrent with I-90, which is also east-west. They are concurrent along the Dan Ryan and Kennedy expressways, before splitting off at the Edens. I-90 actually also has a long north/south run… between Rockford and Madison!

This thing about “East/West” when actually the segment is North/South got really confusing in 2009 when my parents helped me to move in to Evanston. And that’s the topic of the #TBT on Thursday.

I don’t get why they can’t just commission a new unused number in cases like Chicago to be concurrent with 94 and 90. Say, I-47, which is currently unused! After all, they did recently make I-41 on the N/S part of I-94 between the Illinois border and Milwaukee!


Road Trip: 31 days

פסח: נ”ה ימים (Passover: 55 days)

ארץ ישראל: ק”ט ימים (Israel: 109 days)

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