The GF who requires GF food just made a GF call.

I love how abbreviations end up meaning different things in context, and in this case, all three “GF” mean something different.

The first “GF” refers to “girlfriend.” Though neither the second nor the third “GF” would apply to her (at least at this point), the point is to see three different uses of “GF.”

The second instance of “GF” is followed by the word “food.” If you guessed “Gluten Free,” you’re right. I know some people who have celiac disease and/or otherwise require gluten-free food, but neither of these apply toward the third use of the abbreviation GF.

The third use of GF might be in the following situation:

Me (Dealer): 1S.

LHO: Pass.

GF: 2D.

Yep, GF’s (Girlfriend’s) call (bid) is a GF (Game Forcing) bid. No passing until we’re at least at a game contract!

Oh, and there’s one more sentence that I will give.

‘I asked GF for the serrated spoon for the GF.’

The first GF: Sure, it might be girlfriend. But that wouldn’t make sense for the second one.

Try GrapeFruit!


Road Trip: 23 days

פסח: מ”ו ימים (Passover: 46 days)

ארץ ישראל: ק’ ימים (Israel: 100 days)

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