Half to mention this

Yes, the pun is at hand at the very beginning of this post.

I was at a men’s lacrosse game today (only my second men’s lacrosse game, as compared to the fact that I have seen about 50 Northwestern women’s lacrosse games). The differences between it and women’s lacrosse got me thinking about some other comparisons, and these might end up taking a little bit of a humorous and ironic turn. Here goes nothing!

Time units

Age: Years.

Football (American): Quarters.

Football (Association): Halves.

Lacrosse (NCAA Men’s): Quarters.

Lacrosse (NCAA Women’s): Halves.

Basketball (NCAA Men’s): Halves.

Basketball (NCAA Women’s): Quarters.

Hockey (Ice): Periods (three).

Wrestling: Periods (three).

Hockey (Field): Halves.

Gymnastics  (Women’s): Rotations (four).

Gymnastics (Men’s): Rotations (six).

My primary and secondary years: Quarters.

My undergraduate years: Semesters.

My graduate years: Quarters.

My academic-staff/faculty years: Semesters with J-terms.


Starting the game: Sports

Football (Association): Kickoff to own team.

Hockey (Field): Putt-off to own team.

Football (American or Rugby): Kickoff to other team (usually).

Basketball: Official tips off the ball.

Women’s lacrosse: Players tip off the ball.

Hockey (Ice): Official starts the scrum.

Men’s lacrosse: Players start the scrum.

Wrestling: Handshake.

Fencing: Salute and test-touch.



Football (American): Touchdown and conversion, field goal, safety.

Football (Rugby): Try and conversion, drop goal.

Basketball: Field goal, free throw.

Baseball: Run.

Cricket: Run and wicket (I don’t know!).

Football (Association): Goal.

Lacrosse: Goal.

Hockey: Goal.

Water polo: Goal.


Marking penalties

Football (American): Penalty flag.

Lacrosse (Men’s): Penalty flag.

Hockey (Ice): Hand motions.

Basketball: Hand motions.

Volleyball: Yellow and red cards.

Lacrosse (Women’s): Yellow and red cards.

Football (Association): Yellow and red cards.

Fencing: Yellow, red,  and black cards.

Hockey (Field): Green, yellow, and red cards.


Length of disqualification (excluding ejections):

Basketball: Remainder of game; not shorthanded

Hockey: 2 to 5 minutes; shorthanded

Men’s lacrosse: 30 to 60 seconds; shorthanded

Women’s lacrosse: 2 minutes; shorthanded

Rugby: 10 minutes; shorthanded


I could go with more comparisons and “surprising” parallels, but I also have to start using some green ink tonight to continue on the G-word!


Nebraska Road Trip: 10 days

פסח: ל”ג ימים (Passover: 33 days)

ארץ ישראל: פ”ז ימים (Israel: 87 days)

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