Immersed in Pi

This is an admittedly loose interpretation. But it was quite an immersive project last night. Here is the result!


Contributions for 2017 on 14 March. To be shared in Office Hours today.

Pi Day.jpg

Contributions for 2016 on 14 March. Made in Lincoln… but the topping was Reddi-wip rather than Cool Whip… it quickly disintegrated.

Let me immerse you in the previous results too:


One of two from שמיני עצרת בתשע”ו (Sh’mini Atzeret 5776: the 22nd of the seventh Hebrew month). There are multiple days that could be considered good “Pi” days!



The second one on 22/7/5776.

Pi Day.jpg

Contributions for 14 March 2015. This was my first time attempting to use a homemade crust. However, the pi to the right is a lie! (The answer there is zero, not pi.)


A vegan modification of the recipe for 14 March 2014.


The nonvegan one that I made in 2014.

arctan integral

The integral of 2/(1+x^2) with respect to x between -1 and 1. The inaugural one!


Immerse yourself in this chocolatey goodness. HAPPY PI DAY!


Nebraska Road Trip: 4 days

פסח: כ”ז ימים (Passover: 27 days)

ארץ ישראל: פ”א ימים (Israel: 81 days)

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