I’ll talk about the two things that are at the leg’s end, rather than talking about scientific units. (Funny that I should mention leg’s end, because “LEGEND” was an answer to  “Which license plate describes a foot?” on the game show Idiotest.

Like what will often happen, this post is somewhat meta. Why? Read on.

The sensations that a foot feels—some feel  good, some feel  bad, and others are just what they are.

I am typing this blog post, barefoot, on a barstool (or maybe a diner stool–I don’t know, but at least it’s not a stool made of stool… in the medical sense of the word–i.e. anal excrement. HA!) in my parents’ kitchen. And while I was eating breakfast, I noticed that the impression that I get is not always very pleasant.

Yes indeed. If my bare foot contacts the stool for long enough, the “railroad tracks” on the foot start to annoy me. I think it’s a higher sensitivity.

Continuing with foot annoyances, what about when rice particles, sock buildup, or other little pieces of debris get in your socks? That makes my foot itch, and there have been many situations where I’ve had to remove the shoe, remove the sock, dig into the sock to pull something out, or find nothing and then massage my foot.

It’s really strange… sometimes my foot is particularly sensitive to tickling and contact,  and other times  it is not. It’s a game of Russian Roulette, though I don’t think I’ve ever fired from backlash at a time of sensitivity.

Nevertheless, the foot is a wonderful part of the body.


פסח: י”ט ימים (Passover: 19 days)

ארץ ישראל: ע”ג ימים (Israel: 73 days)

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