Lucky numbers

On Friday, Dina and I went to Koi for dinner–might as well have a nice Chinese dinner on the weekend before rice becomes forbidden for a week due to Passover. (Well, since our tradition is to avoid קיטניות (kitniot: including maize, rice, peas, lentils, and beans) in addition to חמץ (chametz: leavened).

It was a nice dinner, and at the end, we of course opened fortune cookies. The reading of the full fortune, as well as the lucky numbers, brought back a memory for me.

I have previously written about fortune cookies before, and come to think of it, I wrote about this very story in 2015: going to U-Stop after eating at KiKi’s, the first time that we saw lucky numbers on the fortunes. Because I don’t want to rehash that story again, I can bring up a different point: food prior to Passover.

Prior to living in Lincoln, I don’t have many memories of Passover, other than one time that we hosted a seder in our house in Fort Dodge and the basement was a cacophony of activity. I also recall being somewhat under the weather that night for some reason, but not down and out.

When we moved to Lincoln, my memories of just before or just after Passover started to become more salient. It seemed fairly common that our last non-Passover meal was Chinese, and often at Imperial Palace on 27th and Vine Street in Lincoln. The post-Passover meal varied, but it never seemed as salient as the pre-Passover meal.

I won’t bore you with all the details since I don’t remember them myself, but suffice it to say that Chinese often was used as a bookend for the holiday.

When I got to Northwestern, I found out that many Jewish people go out for pizza at the end of the holiday. This hadn’t been my tradition, and it still has not gotten to be part of my modus operandi. That is perfectly fine, though. Everyone should have their own way of thinking about it! Nevertheless, I DID have lots of bread last weekend: pizza on Saturday night with Sarah, and Italian beef at the White Sox (what a shame) game and then falafel in pita for dinner.

This year’s Passover is likely to be different for me, as I will probably be “on the road” for almost every night of the holiday! In fact, I’ll probably only be “at home” for the third night! Nevertheless, I plan on bringing some of the food that I bought over to Dina’s so that we can cook together.

Yay for a totally disorganized post! I’ve fallen into a trap of posting only once a week recently.


MAA Meeting: 10 days

ארץ ישראל: נ”ד ימים (Israel: 54 days)

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