Funny… I had the “false cognate” Hebrew word (that might be transliterated as “roots“) stuck in my head today. Combine that with one of the conversations tonight, and I’ve got a short post that I can make!

On my Facebook a few minutes ago, I posted the following, without a translation:

:תרגום רע של טאט”ו

,כל שהיא אמרה, כל שהיא אמרה
.רוץ בראשי, רוץ בראשי, רוץ בראשי

כל שהיא אמרה כל שהיא אמרה
רוץ בראשי רוץ בראשי רוץ בראשי

…זה, זה לא מספיק

(And of course the formatting will likely screw up with the punctuation marks. Oh well!)

The transliteration of the following is as follows, where I’m probably being inconsistent:

Targum ra shel T.A.T.U.:

Kol sh’hi amrah, kol sh’hi amrah,

Roots b’roshi, roots b’roshi, roots b’roshi.

Kol sh’hi amrah, kol sh’hi amrah,

Roots b’roshi, roots b’roshi, roots b’roshi.

Zeh, zeh lo maspik…


I have a sneaking suspicion that just transliterating the first line gives an idea of what the rest states. I just hope that I don’t get slammed with a Cease-and-Desist, which is another hint.

Hints? They came up tonight as well, as I participated as a math faculty member in Carthage’s Pi Mu Epsilon induction ceremony. Though I was inducted into Pi Mu Epsilon just before graduating from UNL, I do not recall the induction ceremony. Though I wrote something in my Spring 2009 journal about it, it appears that I would have been inducted in Spring 2008, unless my notes excluded me from the 2009 induction.

Searching in my journal from 2008 is currently a mess of code, because its original Word document was corrupted and Dad somehow recovered a text file which contains most of the original text, but with lots of extra formatting junk. Oh well, it gives me a reason to TeXify it.

Yay to get off topic… I feel that this is more just a stream of consciousness. Anyway, the induction ceremony also included a banquet (with tasty tomato chicken) and a Hogwarts theme—I got to be the head of Hufflepuff for this ceremony. Yet, I have never read Harry Potter…

Oh, back to hints. The House Trophy challenge was to spell out a message by using an arrowgram. As the house leader, I was allowed to observe, but not to advise. The House of Hufflepuff indeed figured out the puzzle first, and used the hints on the sheet well!

Prior to the ceremony, my table was talking about language, and the idea of how English is a singularity with the word “pineapple”—almost every other language that has a word for that fruit uses a cognate of the word Ananas (due to the genus name).

But, I’d like to cut off the post now since it’s gone so far from its roots.

Well, one more thing. Since one-word commands are complete sentences, I’ll finish with a one-word sentence, translate it to Hebrew, and then transliterate it to Hebrish:


רוץ! (ROOTS!)


Finals Week: 19 days

ארץ ישראל: ל”ט ימים (Israel: 39 days)

אתמול היה חמישה-עשר יום–שהם שני שבועות ויום אחד לעומר

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