[M.A.P.L.E. VI-3] Duh!

I seem to be very good at making moon logic puzzles (puzzles where the methods to get to the answer are all there but the logic is sometimes very difficult) or using fridge brilliance (realizing something incredibly obvious, often in the post-mortem).

Well, yesterday, I got a case of Fridge Brilliance.

I rode my bike to Racine because I needed some hygiene products that I chose to get at Target (which is the closest one to my apartment). Two were on my list, but I also stocked up majorly on deodorant since there was a Buy-4-Get-a-Free-Giftcard deal that I took advantage of. (Yeah… TMI.)

I figured that since I was near the electronics department, that I would look for power adapters for my upcoming trip to Israel (JUST 32 DAYS AWAY NOW!!!). Looking for cell phone accessories: fail. Looking for electronics accessories: fail. Looking up and down the section once more: fail.

I noticed a Target employee, asked him if they had them, and he said, “Yes. They’re in a strange spot, but once I show you, it’ll make perfect sense.” YAY! A Moon Logic Puzzle!

He directed me to the LUGGAGE department!


This makes perfect sense in retrospect. In the States, there is no reason to have an outlet converter for local residents, because all appliances use the rectangular prongs instead of the round ones like what is used in Europe and the Middle East.

Well… now I know where to find them, though I doubt I’ll need more at this point!


Finals Week: 12 days

ארץ ישראל: ל”ב ימים (Israel: 32 days)

אתמול היה שניים ועשרים יום–שהם שלושה שבועות ויום אחד לעומר

Today is the third day of the sixth round of M.A.P.L.E.

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