[M.A.P.L.E. VI-15] In arrears

There was junk all over the floor!


Well, the good news is the following:

  • The apartment wasn’t smelling like a locker room.
  • Nothing’s packed in like sardines.

Yep, sorry, Weird Al. But, the junk all over the floor gives the idea for today’s post.

Over the last few weeks, my days have been very busy, including late evenings at the office. Thus, the apartment has gotten into some disarray. Whether that be laundry done in half-measures (i.e. washed and dried, but not put away), documents of mail and newspapers strewn about my dining table and card table, or a few other things, it’s been a mess.

One of my favorite things about finals week is the fact that since I am done with prep, all I have to do is grade, and it opens up my evening to de-crap the apartment and get caught up on some non-academic tasks that fell by the wayside during the crunch time of the semester.

Granted, some of these ideas are neverending tasks, and I’ll have to start thinking about my plans for the summer research. Nevertheless, I think I can do that on the Monday and Tuesday of next week.


  • Tuesday: Administer the Finite Math exam, grade about half of it, go to the grocery store, and go to the bank to deposit a reimbursement check.
  • Wednesday: Administer the Applied Math exam, finish all grading, and maybe go out to dinner in celebration
  • Thursday: Volunteer as a scholarship interviewer and go to a farewell party for the outgoing Carthage President.
  • Friday: During the day: ??? During the evening: New alumni dinner.


ארץ ישראל: כ”א ימים (Israel: 21 days)

(Dirty?) Thirty: 49 days

אתמול היה שלושה ושלושים יום–שהיו ארבעה שבועות וחמישה ימים לעומר

Today is the fourteenth day of the sixth round of M.A.P.L.E.: two weeks.

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