[M.A.P.L.E. VI-31] Riding into the sunset

At the end of some shows, character(s) advect (move) toward a sunset as the scene fades out or irises to the credits. It’s a common idea, and often signifies the end or predicts a new beginning.

Last year, the T-shirts for the Midwest Regional Pokemon tournament showed Eevee and its Evolutions walking off into the sunset, for what was ostensibly the final Midwest Regional tournament.  However, it returned this year, but unfortunately I can’t go to it since it’s this coming weekend, and I’m going to Israel!

But what do I mean by riding into the sunset? Take a look at this photo.


Well, this picture is just used for illustration purposes, since I wanted to continue my M.A.P.L.E. theme of at least one image in each post.

Let me get on with it! This year’s M.A.P.L.E. is hence riding into the sunset, since tomorrow is the beginning of June. As it turns out, however, my blog is also riding into the sunset.

However… I don’t mean that it’s gone forever. It will return, and I will not be deleting any of the current posts.

What do I mean, in that case? Well, since my Israel trip begins on Sunday, I know I will not be blogging during my Israel trip, and am unlikely to blog during the Lincoln trip. Therefore, it will be at least until June 20 before you see another new post here. I hope that the traffic doesn’t completely fade away… but since the blog is not a job, I don’t have to worry about THAT.

Just like when I started my blog and my first several posts were on my first Israel trip, expect a series of posts about my second Israel experience after I get back from the trip. It will again be full-paragraph journals.



ארץ ישראל: ד’ ימים (Israel: 4 days)

Lincoln: 16 days

(Dirty?) Thirty: 33 days

Today is the thirty-first day of the sixth round of M.A.P.L.E.: four weeks and three days.

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