Water basketball: Part II of III

In the summer of 2006, I changed a few of the basic rules from my Water Basketball game, mostly with respect to the scoring, allowing two different types of scoring rules.

For a refresher of the rules of the original game, you can click here.

I thought that it was a little dull just trying to beat my previous score, and wanted to try to have a contest against varying scores. Therefore, I decided to, rather than put it as solely a race against the clock, punish myself for inaccurate days even if I hit a lot of shots. Therefore, the rules change came in the Scoring and Timing parts.

  • New Timing Rules:
    • Games had four 8-minute quarters (just like high school basketball).
  • New Scoring Rules (2006):
    • My scoring rules remain the same
    • Opponent’s scoring rules (2006): In addition to a fixed score (called a Handicap), any misses on second or third shots add to the opponent’s score.
    • The first game had no Handicap. Subsequent games had the Handicap change by half of the previous game’s winning margin, or half of the previous game’s losing margin if I was on a losing streak of 2+ games.

In 2006, I started the season with a bang, starting with a 4-0 record. Though the regular season ended with an 8-4 record, I still somehow got the 5-seed in the tournament. I had tenuous games against the 4-seed and the 1-seed, both of which turned out to be wins. Then, in the championship game, I blew out the 2-seed (Handicap 53) by a score of 135-99.

In 2007, all games were the 32-minute variety. There were three different scoring rules, however:

  • Some games were Fixed-Opponent-Score, plus points for air balls that I shot (i.e. scoring rules from 2005)
  • Some games were Opponent-Scores-Handicap-Plus-Second/Third-Chances (i.e. scoring rules from 2006)
  • Some games were Opponent-Scores-Fixed-Score-Plus-All-Misses. These games were tough!

In fact, my career-worst game was against an opponent from the third scoring rules. The final score of that game was 124-192.

In the 2007 season, I had a rough time. Though I started with a 5-1 record against the first set of scoring rules, I then struggled against the remaining teams, with a 4-7 record in my last 11 games.

That season record of 9-8 kept me out of the playoffs in my own game! So yes, as I said in the last post, I don’t always win this game.

The next post will talk about when I formalized the scheduling of these games.


Nebraska Regional: Next right

Semester Kickoff: 30 days

Green Bay/St. Norbert: 87 days

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