Water basketball: Part III of III

Let me finish the series on water basketball. In the previous two posts, I talked about the first three seasons of the game, with slight rules changes each year.

In the first year, I lost in the championship game. In the second year, I had a blowout win in the final, and in the third year, I didn’t even make the playoffs!

2008 season: Hillcrest swan song

My fourth year of water basketball I decided to pre-set the rules ahead of time for each of my opponents. Thus, I put all of the scoring rules together in different games.

Thus, I created a “League” of water basketball teams, with the Rebounders Conference and the Classic Conference. The former contained the Offensive and Defensive Divisions. In the Offensive Division, all misses except for rebounds counted for the opponent. In the Defensive Division, the first miss of each possession did not.

The latter contained the Quarterly and Alla-Breve Divisions. The latter had 20-minute games; the former 32-minute games.

Each division had 6 teams, for a total of 24 teams. However, the regular season was only 17 games long.

There was a 6-game non-conference schedule, and in said schedule, 3 teams from each division of the other conference were faced.

In this season, I started off quite inconspicuously: starting on a 4-game losing streak, including two defeats in overtime. Then, there was 6-game winning streak for me, where I had an average margin of victory of 10.66 points. (Granted, that average is strongly skewed by my 145-91 blowout of 35’ers… the remaining games I won by no more than 4 points!)

And then, my winning  streak was brought to a halt by a FORFEIT loss on July 21. After that game, I only lost one more time in the rest of the season.

In the semifinal, I had to overcome a 4-33 deficit in the first quarter, yet somehow won 148-133 to advance, and then a 165-158 triumph over The Ultimate gave me the championship!


And yes, I bought a basketball net in order to replace the one that I cut down!

2009 season: Backyard pool

In 2009, a pool was installed in the backyard of my parents’ house, and it is an unusual shape. Therefore, although most of the rules remained the same, I had to figure out how to do the scoring zones. Here’s a picture of the pool:


The pool in my parents’ backyard.

For this pool, the entire surface is in-bounds, including the deep end. There is a ledge around the perimeter of the pool, and the basic scoring system is as follows:

  • Layup zone: 1 point
  • Shallow end, excluding rear wall or layup zone: 2 points
  • Rear wall of shallow end: 3 points
  • Ledges in deep end: 2 points
  • Rear wall of deep end: 3 points
  • Non-ledge in deep end: 3 or 4 points

The first air ball from a non-ledge in the deep end incurs no penalty.

Once again, I pre-set up all of the teams and scoring rules ahead of time. This time, there were two conferences (Common Time Conference and Alla-Breve Conference) that had different timing rules. Each conference had 15 teams split into 3 divisions: Hybrid Scoring, All-Misses-Count scoring, and Fixed Score.

The regular season was 24 games long: seven non-conference matchups, double-round-robin in your division, and single-round-robin with the remaining divisions in that player’s conference.

The pool didn’t open until July, and so I had a condensed season with many more games on back-to-back days. There were no doubleheaders  or two-a-days, however.

After two exhibition games, I started the non-conference slate with a 5-2 record. It was pretty good, but I struggled against the teams of Hybrid scoring.

In conference play, I went 11-6, but this was after a 3-4 start, including a 1-3 run in the second week of August. This was good enough to get me to the playoffs.

In the playoffs, I easily dispatched Team 73, before holding on to beat Masters by a point. Finally, in the championship, I had a rematch against City Prius that had defeated me 66-53 in the non-conference. At the end of the season, the game was a shootout, but I lost 112-120.

Later summers

When I lived in Evanston, I never found a pool with a basketball hoop, and the first summer that I managed to get back to Lincoln and play basketball was 2013. Though I was clearly rusty after 4 years, I still won a few games that I played during that vacation.

And on this vacation, I managed to get 8 games in, compiling a 5-3 record. However, I suffered my worst loss of the residential pool era earlier this week, getting flattened 65-97 by City Prius. Go figure—certain opponents can be a thorn in the side, even with the contrived rules!

And who knows what next summer will bring…?


Kildeer: 3 days

Semester Kickoff: 28 days

Green Bay/St. Norbert: 85 days

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