I have used this term “ear-itation” many times before in my journal. It is a perfect pun on what the problem is: irritation in the ear. Most frequently, it is concurrent with a plugged nose and/or coughing: part of a cold.

Sometimes, though, I get ear-itation as a result of allergens, but again, that is often concurrent with cold-like symptoms.

Now, I’ve got ear-itation, and I know what the culprit is…


Yes, indeed. Readers have seen that my last 3 blog posts have been about water basketball, and having fun in the pool. After I left Lincoln, going to the pool went from 2-3 times a week down to about once a summer on average. There were a couple of summers when I was living in Evanston when I never put on a swimsuit.

It’s not due to body image issues, nor is it availability of pools. I just had plenty of other activities (e.g. biking, research, and socials) that competed for the attention. Part of it might have also been that I really wanted to continue the water basketball, but I couldn’t find a venue for it.

Ergo, considering my recent Lincoln vacation, I probably spent more time in the pool in those 8 days than I have in the past 8 years! My body probably wasn’t used to it, and/or the turbulence that I created while swimming may have gotten water in my ears.

I was feeling it by the end of the vacation, and Dad gave me that news, and put an oil in my ears to help it—IT HURT A LOT! However, it helped to eliminate whatever infection was inside, but left me with a pressure in the ear which isn’t a popping pressure.

That ear-itation continues a week later, and I don’t know whether to be concerned. The good news is that I have not had any other co-morbidities, although today there was an area in the back of my head that hurt upon contact or certain craning positions…


Semester Kickoff: 20 days

Green Bay/St. Norbert: 78 days

Minneapolis: 85 days

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2 thoughts on “Ear-itation

  1. Sorry to hear that you have swimmer’s ear, Noah. I used to get that when I was swimming a lot. I used to use an over the counter ear drop to treat it called Swimmer’s Ear. I had to use it after each swimming session and I also had to get ear plugs.


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