Timely comments

On my blog, comment threads are open in perpetuity, because I enjoy having people read old posts and give me feedback or try to start a conversation.

Because I am on WordPress, I have the Akismet plugin which blocks almost all spam comments to be held in a spam queue. I don’t think I’ve ever got a notification to accept a spam comment, as Akismet is good at flagging false comments.

Additionally, it has never flagged a false positive for me.

What does this have to do with timely comments, however?

Sometimes, I take a long time between reading blog posts on some of the blogs that I follow. Some blogs have their comment threads open forever. Others automatically close comments after a certain amount of time, and others choose the behavior by post.

One of the blogs that I read in “binge” sessions is The Daily Tay, which is self-hosted. When I read posts that are more than a week old, the most recent comments are almost always obvious spam comments.

Maybe this is one reason that I don’t want to self-host my blog at this point, because I don’t want to spend a lot of effort eluding spam.

This is not intended as an attack on your blog, Tay, but just a suggestion.

Then again, I feel like some people avoid comment threads because of spammers and trolls. I find it hard to read comment threads on contentious issues for this reason.


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Green Bay/St. Norbert: 60 days

Minneapolis: 67 days

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