The Dragon #writephoto

Below, I have a borrowed picture from Sue Vincent for her weekly writing challenge. Interestingly, I think the picture explains my week so far. And it goes through the Dragon Cloud… starting from the left part of the picture… within the darkness.

The real work week began on Tuesday, which was a day of prep work for Day One of classes. It involved prepping intro and icebreaking activities, and setting up all of the documents to be posted on the learning management system.

I also experimented with the new online homework system that my calculus class will be using. As I completed the day, I proceeded through the cross-section of The Dragon to the right of the grey-and-white, backslash-sloped, wyrmwing.

Day One of Classes began, bright and early at 06:40 in order to be at work for an 08:00 calculus class. The introductions and review of slopes and linear equations went smoothly, and was a happy medium between the overwhelming omnibus review of my first two Calc I semesters and the jump-right-in of the last semester.

Feeling my way around the innards of the dragon, I ascended toward the top, where I could feel the white scales, getting into discussions with my Applied Math students, easing them into the survey course on modern uses of math.

But as the afternoon came, a gravitational pull sucked me down into the dragon’s arm. My first time teaching Differential Equations involved an adapted modeling activity, and since it was my first time leading a truly inquiry-based class session, it was the great unknown.

And then, the arm led to the fist, which crushed me like a fine powder, as TikZ and ipe both eluded me. Homework and in-class activities involving figures have been my time sink, and saddlepoint of indeterminate frustration. I was trapped in the fist of the dragon until 21:00 yesterday, when my prep of an assignment shined a light.

The light transported me to the narrow wyrm neck. The strait was narrow, but devoid of classroom experience. Instead, it involved prep of one more homework assignment, a steady stream of students for required office hours, and the brightness of these interactions… despite the darkness that I could see from within the flesh of the dragon.

Yet, I was out of the narrow strait and into the head. Just as long as I don’t emerge from the aperture of white smoke tomorrow as a pile of smoldering ashes…


ראש השנה: 13 ימים

Green Bay/St. Norbert: 57 days

Minneapolis: 64 days

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7 thoughts on “The Dragon #writephoto

    • Thanks, Robbie! I plan on participating more frequently… if I can find the time as the semester heats up. (I should be able to–I plan on blogging every day in October as I have for the last 5 years.)


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