In the name of love?


*BUZZ* No.

Collaborate and listen?


*BUZZ* No.



*BUZZ* No.

OK, wait just a second. Longtime readers of my blog may realize that they’ve seen this movie once before.

Yes indeed!

And quite interestingly, it is on the same topic as the post with these three images from three years ago.

Yesterday, I rode the North Shore Century bike ride, and finished the 100-mile course for the fifth time in seven years. (The two off-years were 2014, when I only did 62 miles as a result of the Character Building Trial, and 2015, when I did 0 miles because I was living in Menomonie and wouldn’t have been able to get away).

And something was particularly salient related to the word STOP.

On many en-masse bike rides in which I have participated, I seem to be in packs that nearly always flout stop signs, treating them more like yield signs. Granted, I sometimes think that is okay if the leader of the pack stops and then the peloton proceeds like a single vehicle.

However,  some people that I saw had near-misses as a result of this technique, and that probably builds ill will on the drivers’ side.

But, what was indefensible: some of the riders flouted red lights, even when there was cross-traffic in sight! There are a few lights in the North Shore that are either short or might be triggered by a car’s weight, but at those intersections, there’s a crosswalk button which can also eventually trigger the green light for the off-peak intersection.

Although it is sometimes annoying or difficult for cyclists to follow traffic laws (e.g. annoyance of stopping at a bunch of stop signs, or difficult to keep some minimum speed for cars), when they break the laws of the road, they are also taking their life into their own hands, because the laws of physics have no mercy.

I am just glad that there were no losers against the Judge, Jury, and Prosecution of Physics that I saw on this ride, but it really scares me what other cyclists sometimes do.

I do NOT want this to sound Holier-Than-Thou, because I will readily admit to often violating stop signs (by treating them as Yields) or blowing a triggered red light during well-off-peak hours (e.g. night-time at an intersection which should really be blinkin’) when on two wheels. I am more afraid of the Physics Police than the Municipal Police.


ראש השנה: 2 ימים

Green Bay/St. Norbert: 46 days

Minneapolis: 53 days

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NOTE: Due to the High Holidays and having a lot of work to do before then, this post will likely be my only post of the week. See you on the flipside!


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