Go back three spaces

Naturally, it starts with one of my favorite images on “Chance” cards in Monopoly…

And then it’s a quick vignette about something that just happened, and happens to be an annoyance of mine that I might as well just get out.

When I want to print something at Carthage from a campus printer, I make sure of the following:

  1. I am on campus.
  2. My computer is connected to the Carthage network.
  3. I choose the Print command from the program from which I want to print.
  4. I choose the number of copies.
  5. I hit “Print.”
  8. I walk to the printer (which is halfway across the building).
  9. I sign into the printer.
  10. I choose my print job and tap “Print” on the touchpad.

The one or two missing steps cause a lot of annoyance, and here are the Missing Steps:

  1. Wait for the Print Job Notification popup and click “Print.”
  2. Bring my ID card to the printer in order to sign in to the printer.

More commonly, Missing Step #2 is what causes me to backpedal and go back to my office in annoyance.

But tonight, it was Missing Step #1. (Well, and my ID card was buried under a pile of grading and junk… as shown here.


And then, after Step 10 is a POSSIBLE PITFALL. On the screen with the Print button, there’s a “Delete” button, in such a position that a misclick hits Delete. And neither of them have a confirmation dialog! So I have, at least once, deleted a print job because of missing the print key and hitting the blasted delete key!

Ah, how fun it is to work with possible pitfalls.

It’s ironic that I have to use a confirmation when I don’t want it, and don’t get a confirmation when I really need it! (And I’m probably using irony in an incorrect Morisettian sense here…)


יום כפור: 4 ימים

Green Bay/St. Norbert: 39 days

Minneapolis: 46 days

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