[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VI-2] Stick to your guns

I realize that the title of this post is not a good idea since there was ANOTHER mass shooting in the States earlier this morning. But, unfortunately, since the idiom is an apt title, I’m going to “stick to my guns” and have a completely nonviolent post.

A few weeks ago, I got to work on a Thursday at 08:30.

I started up my computer and got ready to do some prep work. My e-mail inbox opened up, and I saw on the screen:

Inbox (7)

I am a big fan of keeping my bold inbox as close to zero as possible, so I was maybe eager to read them.

However, reading them could have led to a slippery slope. Why?

My syllabi all say, “E-mails will only be answered in the time range 09:00-20:00.”

Despite the fact that I was in my office, I stuck to my guns and didn’t respond to the e-mails until 09:00. Wavering on this fact could easily come to bite me later by answering e-mails earlier and earlier (or later and later in the evening).

(However, the reason for 09:00 was non-arbitrary: on each day of the work week except Thursday this semester, I get to teach at 08:00 and wouldn’t finish until 09:05.)

What policies do you have that you try to make non-negotiable?


Today is the second day of the sixth round of O.C.T.O.B.E.R.

Green Bay/St. Norbert: 32 days

Minneapolis: 39 days

Lincoln: 82 days

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3 thoughts on “[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VI-2] Stick to your guns

  1. I use my email inbox as a “to-do” list of sorts and delete only as projects or tasks are completed. So, I, too, like it to be as empty as possible. This is a carry over from when I was working.

    Then, I was criticized for responding too quickly, to being too accommodating, too responsive, if you can believe that! The manager suggested that this was setting the bar too high and that the customer’s would expect more of the same – as if that was a bad thing! I ignored the criticism and carried on as usual, but ever since I feel a bit of guilt when I respond as quickly as I can.


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