[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VI] Mission Failed!

Shoot! It was so close too!

There was no writers block that prevented me from writing the 31st post of O.C.T.O.B.E.R. this year. I had a post planned based on a photo that I took that evening.

But, after getting home from an errand and eating dinner, I worked…

… on preparation for Wednesday’s classes.

And the prep was packets. And those often take a long time to typeset.

The work kept going.

And it kept going.

Before I knew it, the midnight bell struck and I had just finished said prep.

But, alarm horns were sounding with a minute to go, and I was caught up in finishing work.

And the alarm horns gave way to the air horn and the lights all turning red as the clock  read “0.”

Though it wasn’t a timed Stage in Vegas, it was still a failure at the Flying Squirrel.

Nevertheless,  it’s amazing given how busy I have been at times in the last six years that Oct. 31 ’17 was my first failure in a blog-every-day challenge.

As the PTI crew says, “Out of time. We’ll try and do better the next time.”


Green Bay/St. Norbert: Next right!

Minneapolis: 8 days

Lincoln: 51 days

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