What’s wrong with…

… being confident?

Nothing! The title was click bait in a way. You may listen to the song below while reading the rest of this post. Do you want to do that?

The full title of the post is “What’s wrong with being pedantic?”

Sometimes, when Dina has a request for me (such as doing dishes or helping out with folding laundry), she says “Do you want to <insert task here>?”

My response is often quite pedantic: “Whether I want to or not, I will do it.”

The obvious intent of the request is “Please do <X>” or “Would you please do <X>”? Yet, I take the request literally and preface my (usually yes) answer with “Whether I want to or not…”

Hopefully my pedanticity isn’t an irksome factor.

I am also occasionally pedantic during exams, including a type of exchange that I talked about on Facebook several years ago that got a lot of likes on Facebook. My response in this exchange would be the epitome of pedanticity.

Student’s request: “Can I use the bathroom?”

My response during a test: “I’m a proctor, not a proctologist. But yes, you may go.”

It’s the difference between “can” and “may,” and though most people ignore the difference, I sometimes like to point it out and/or hang lampshades over the misuse.

Call me Mr. Raider, call me insane, call me what you want. Nevertheless, I am a proponent of proper language use!


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