Swallowed pride

“I will swallow my pride,

I will get out and drive,

Though I’d much rather take a ride…”

(Apologies to Eve 6.)

These lines tell of a few times of swallowed pride since the last time that I posted, which was quite a while ago!

Last Tuesday, I intended to go to Pick ‘n’ Save after work, and fought a heavy west wind to get there. The wind nearly blew me off my bike! And then when I arrived…

…I couldn’t find my wallet in my backpack! Ergo I returned home…

…searched the apartment and came up with nothing. Uh-oh!

Scouring my backpack again, I found the wallet, nestled in the “hidden” pocket.

I’M AN IDIOT FOR CLAIMING TO BE AN IDIOT!! Just like a little over three years ago!

Image credit: roadtrafficsigns.com

I nevertheless went to the store later that evening, but swallowed my pride and took out the car for a rare occasion of driving on a weeknight.

Then, today, I woke up to a fresh blanket of flurries outside. It didn’t look that slippery, but I was also concerned about later in the evening. So, I swallowed my pride yet again and drove to work. At least I was able to use the car to more efficiently dump the recyclables at the recycling site, as well as get groceries.

But, if the weather is bad tomorrow, I will go on foot!

Yet, maybe there’s something about swallowing my pride with quasi-independence from motor transport. Despite owning a car, I try to live as if I didn’t own one.

Oh, one more thing. Is it swallowing my pride that I haven’t posted on this blog in ten days? That’s the longest interval, other than the planned Israel hiatus earlier this year, in five years between posts (10-21 November 2012 was the last time that I had an unplanned interval of 10 or more days between posts on this blog.)


Lincoln: 12 days.

San Diego: 29 days.

Fourth Quarter: 58 days.

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