Word, Schmerd

“Consequences, schmonsequences. As long as I’m rich…” ~Daffy Duck

“There are points and there are schmoints.” ~Marty Bergen


These are just two of many…

Indeed, it seems that a common pooh-pooh formula is “word-schmerd,” suggesting a lack of importance on the word that is being modified with a sch beginning.

Lately, I have been thinking about my own “Fashion, Schmashion.” Yes, I am in a relationship, but no, my state of fashion is still very much in the style of Dance-To-The-Beat-Of-My-Own-Drummer.

And another idea: Plans Schmans. I sometimes do better, especially in social situations, when we fly by the seat of our pants. This is very much true in my parents’ place as well… all of the plans (many of which involve which dinners will be eaten, when) are subject to become schmans.

What other constructions of “Word-Schmerd” do you use?


San Diego: 13 days

Fourth Quarter: 41 days

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