[Old School 1] September 23, 1998

During this winter break, a bunch of old materials from school appeared in my room… relics that my parents kept from my preschool, primary, and secondary school years. A significant project that I had was to review these materials and clear out what I wanted (to make it easier to move when I eventually get a house).

In doing this excavation, I found various writing prompts and pieces of “artwork” (notice the scare quotes!) from my yesteryears.

Thus, because I think it will be interesting, some of my Thursday and Friday posts (for #TBT and #FBF) will be “Old School” sequence posts, where I share artwork and/or writing samples from my younger years. It’s fun to use the blog as a time capsule!

In sixth grade, my Language Arts block had Weekly Writing assignments. The rules of the assignments follow in the picture below, which I will transcribe for those who can’t read cursive well (or in case the picture doesn’t develop):

  1. 10+ quality sentences.
  2. Must be in this notebook.
  3. Due on your day (Wed.)
  4. Save the trees!! Mark the page.
  5. Date it, and number it.


And now, the entry, with also a snapshot of my writing back in 1998 (sixth grade). I have actually mentioned this entry in previous blog posts, and my memory of this post was actually pretty close to the wording that I recalled.

#4, 9/23/98

How about my trip to SF [San Francisco] for a topic? The hotel we were in was the Hilton. There was a lounge on floors 17 and 21. They have breakfast and a “happy hour.” We had room trouble! In one room, there was a bed missing! In another, P.U.! It was too smokey! [1] Then the key to another was busted and it wasn’t Friday the 13th! Out of the hotel, we rode in a taxi, on a bus, cable car, and cabless [cable-less] car. We visited Chinatown, the Pier, Marine World, and some more. At the end of the day, we played Bingo to win money. There was a 5K run. I ran it in 30:24 [2]. And before takeoff, we almost missed our plane!

[1] Teacher comment: “I don’t like that either!”

[2] Teacher comment: “Good Job :)”



San Diego: 12 days

Fourth Quarter: 40 days

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