Free space

There are a few things that I consider that don’t have a lot of free space right now:

  • The computer that I am typing this blog post on.
  • My suitcases. See the photo below for evidence.

The computer that I am typing this post on has a very small hard drive: it only has a capacity of 32 gigabytes. It was a hand-me-down from my Dad’s old office. It works well for me as a portable laptop, because it is smaller than my other laptop. (The other laptop, though it is working, is losing battery capacity pretty quickly, and has had some other significant problems lately).

Today is “Getaway Day” from my vacation, to return from Lincoln to Chicagoland. And that means that there’s packing involved.

My Mom is an expert packer, and helped me to pack extra items from my trip here.

That is, because one cardinal rule of travel: Never pack your outbound bags to the brim, because you will invariably carry extra items home on the inbound… especially when it’s the holidays and gifts are involved!

Maybe it’s time to get a second big suitcase and not just have an “Eddie Bauer” bag for longer trips…


San Diego: 9 days

Fourth Quarter: 37 days

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