We are so addicted to power as a society. We seek power in relationships, in work, and in the government.

We also require power for electricity and heat, and when that goes out, heck breaks loose!

Thus, I want to give a couple of vignettes about power surges or outages that I have experienced lately or not-so-lately.


Earlier this summer, I was playing bridge online and my power cord was frayed. There were no problems up to then, but suddenly my cord went ZAP and blew a breaker in the apartment. It was my first time dealing with a breaker.


In early summer 2011, there was a power outage overnight on a weeknight. I had no obligation to wake up at my usual time, but still wanted to be up at 07:00 anyway.

Well, I must have slept to expect an alarm that never resounded. I got up much later than usual, which encouraged me to set an alarm on my phone as a backup. I seldom use an alarm clock nowadays, preferring the phone.

Nearly Pitch Black

On Wednesday, I was doing some year end bookkeeping in my apartment. Around 17:00, the lights in my apartment went out, as well as the street lights. It was really eerie, but my lights came on after a minute.

However, at Carthage, the power did not come back till Thursday. I saw an impromptu knockout game between Carthage and Wheaton which was enjoyable.

The next day, a pipe burst just outside my office and the thermostat read only 59 Fahrenheit!

Post snow day

I might as well go out of order. In the evening of December 11, 2000, which turned out to be a snow day, our power went out. At that point, our house was hooked up to Norris PPD instead of Lincoln Electric.

Thankfully, we were only in the dark for about 2 hours.


San Diego: 4 days

Fourth Quarter: 32 days

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