Outlook unknown

This title could go in several different ways, as it is quite telling. For example:

  • What will happen with my job search? I am still on the market, and although I have had some preliminary interviews that I think went well, I now have to play the waiting game and see if any of these prelim interviews turn into campus interviews.
  • What will happen with the state of the nation? We are almost one year into the Trump administration, and things seem to get weirder by the day.
  • What will the weather be like in a week in Wisconsin? It has been cold and then relatively warm, on and off again.

Well, as usual in some of my posts, I’m building up to have to take a fourth option. The fourth option: “WHO ARE THESE INDIVIDUALS?”

By the word outlook, I meant the Microsoft e-mail program. Why am I saying unknown?

Over the last couple of weeks, my blog has received several new followers which are almost certainly non-bloggers and spam. How do I know? Let me enumerate (not itemize) a few reasons:

  1. What real person uses Outlook e-mail accounts?  Don’t most people either use their workplace e-mails or Gmail?
  2. The e-mails show an e-mail address, rather than the name of  a blogger. Ergo, the e-mail has no list of posts on that “person’s” blog.
  3. The most important reason: here are a few of the followers’ e-mail addresses:
    1. rosadoyzmricardosp@outlook.com
    2. mundocqajacquelinejhe@outlook.com
    3. acerotcdamarisqj@outlook.com

All of these e-mail addresses look like spoofs, and I realize that calling them out might be inviting disaster. This set of  “followers” reminds me of how I have recently received phone calls from spoofs of my phone number (with the same area code, the same first three digits, and then an incorrect permutation of the last four digits).

Nevertheless, if any of these addresses belong to genuine e-mail addresses and people, I invite you to call me out for my suspicions. Challenge my distrust!


Fourth Quarter: 19 days

Lincoln: 43 days (possibly give a day or two)

פסח: ע’ יום (Passover: 70 days)

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