Golden rocks? #writephoto

Take a look at this rock formation that Sue has found. I look at this photo, of course, with a mathematical frame of mind. Follow along… and I hope that my logic isn’t too distant

אראה את האבנים האלה מימין לשמאול.

(I will look at the rocks from left to right.)

Notice that the rocks in the foreground are in a non-descending pattern when looking from right to left, and that there is a gap between the tallest and the second-tallest rock.

Don’t worry, the idea of the word “golden” will be apparent soon. Obviously, these rocks don’t look golden—I’m instead taking them for granite.

The right-most two rocks appear to be about the same height from the view shown. The next one to the left is slightly higher, and the final one before the gap is significantly higher.

I will argue that that rock belongs where the gap is, and that there should be a shorter rock in the place where it is now.

Why? If we start from right to left, using some arbitrary units for the heights of the rocks, and taking a little bit of artistic license, especially in the non-shown rocks in parentheses…

One. One. Two. Three. (Five.) Eight. (Thirteen.) And so forth…

Mathematicians will instantly recognize this pattern, but for the laypeople, try adding any two consecutive terms in this pattern and compare to the succeeding term.

As you continue in this Fibonacci sequence, any two consecutive terms’ ratios approach the Golden Ratio. Hence the name Golden in the title…


Fourth Quarter: 16 days

Lincoln: 40 days (possibly give a day or two)

פסח: ס”ז יום (Passover: 67 days)

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4 thoughts on “Golden rocks? #writephoto

  1. What an interesting take on the prompt. I love the idea of rocks being set up in a Fibonacci sequence – rocks as fractals 🙂 You have really captured my imagination. This idea could be a very rich creative vein to tap into.


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