It has been snowy, snowy, and … snowy in Kenosha this week. It’s one of the snowiest winters (or at least most-frequent snow events) that I can remember in recent memory.

You might be wondering: what does that have to do with Oh-Fer? Well, I’ll say that Oh-Fer is often described in sports when an individual has 0/n on a certain stat (such as failure to complete a pass, failure to make a shot in basketball, etc.)

I had an oh-fer this week, specifically an oh-fer-five.

Doesn’t the introduction about snow make it obvious? If not, here’s the even more obvious thing.


Image credit: Tribaliumivanka via depositphotos.com

Yep. Monday: A fresh blanket of snow had fallen and I walked to the office instead of riding my bike. Oh-fer-one on riding my bike.

Tuesday: Another fresh blanket of snow overnight. I drove to the office and then to the grocery store. I probably could have walked and then rode during the evening, but I chose to swallow my pride. Oh-fer-two.

Wednesday: Threat of snow during the night, so I drove to work and then to Hebrew school after work. Oh-fer-three.

Thursday: The roads were fine, but I voluntarily drove, since I was going to Racine immediately after work for a Pokemon TCG tournament (where thankfully I did not go oh-fer: I was an undefeated 1-2-0 and took third place). But that made it oh-fer-four on riding my bike.

Friday: A larger snowstorm deposited a bunch of snow, and I was going to drive anyway since I’m going to Chicago after work for Mishkan. Oh-fer-five, possibly for the first time in my postgraduate career!

Granted, I was going to drive anyway on Thursday and Friday, but I maintain my point. Come on now!


Lincoln: 23 days (possibly give a day or two)

פסח: מ”ט יום (Passover: 49 days)


2 thoughts on “Oh-fer!

  1. Oh-fer-goodness sake, you are correct and maintain your perfect 0 score – what a nice round number that is! Now, as soon as you go one-fer, all bets are off and we enter a dynamic world! Just one bike ride and the numbers, if not the snow, start crunching. one-fer-three is 33%. Back to no-bike after that and we go one-fer-four at 25%, then one-fer-five at 20%, 17%, 14%, 12.5%, you get it! Best stick with nothing. Never underestimate the power of oh-fer!


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