I saw the sign!

And it opened up my eyes, I saw the signs…

I saw a lot of signs yesterday, as I was driving for over 8 hours from Kenosha to Lincoln!

Thus, this post is a musing on the different signs, and yes, I know that taking pictures of signs while behind the wheel is dangerous.

And, even better: the clever captions that you come to expect with me!

Exit 27A of Interstate 43 South, where the exit number and word EXIT are on the same sign.

Just a country boy, born and raised in South Beloit…

Exit 239A on Interstate 80 West in Iowa. The number is on a separate placard!

This goes in combination with the next photo, as well as some knowledge of Midwestern gas stations.

No Casey’s in Casey, Iowa?

Why is the county road shield atop a yellow instead of white background? Compare the Casey sign.


פסח: כ”ה יום (Passover: 25 days)

Eau Claire: 39 days

Madison: 88 days

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