This post has a slight connection to my first “Old School” post, as afterimages are something that happened in that trip that I did not mention in the Ten Quality Sentences.

But, I stumbled upon the term and thought about writing about it. Here goes nothing!

When I was in San Francisco, one of the places that we went to was the Exploratorium… and I was actually there twice! One of the times was with the youth expeditions while the adults were at the AAFP conference, and the other time was during an evening when the AAFP rented out the place for a party!

It was a really fun science museum with interactive exhibits, and although I don’t remember many of the exhibits, I do recall the one regarding afterimages.

It asked you to put your eyes into a viewing window not unlike what you would do for an eye test at the ophthalmologist or at the DMV. There was a button to press, which created a sudden flash in the window.

When you blinked, afterimages appear in your visual field for a while.

This was fascinating to me at the time, as I often perceive other afterimages in ways.

For example, when I go to sleep, sometimes as I close my eyes, I seem to perceive two colors alternating in toward a central vanishing point. There were some other common “afterimages” that are tough to describe.

Nevertheless, knowledge of these concepts unlocks some of the mysteries of what you see. It would be interesting to return to that museum at some point and see how my perspective on it has changed in the last tw.. tw… twenty years.


פסח: י”ח יום (Passover: 18 days)

Eau Claire: 25 days

Madison: 81 days

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