[O.C.T.O.B.E.R. VII-7] Vanishing point #writephoto

When I used to post every day

Way back in two thousand fourteen

I often had a pocketed way

To ensure that my ideas were seen


That idea was a structure of quatrain

Easy to make poetic and need not flow

Uses up a little less space in my brain

And also won’t make my time run below

Alas–what has Sue provided for photos this time?

It appears to be a pretty sunset on a quay

Brown rocks to the left, and moss the colour of lime

They look smaller as the horizon takes them away


So sue me, “quay” and “away” do not rhyme

That’s the funny thing about spelling in English

This post is turning into a stream of consciousness on time

But somewhat on topic, as the photo’s stream is brownish.


The term “vanishing point” actually relates to Friday’s post

Or, at least, if we would fast-forward to March’s cart

One-point perspective: everything heads toward the ghost

And it was a project I had to do in Exploratory Art.

In Sue’s art, look dead-center x and two thirds up y

Draw straight lines along any contour there

Hopefully you will find an invariant tie

The vanishing point is where convergence should bear


Our eyes are amazing in seeing depth in flatness

Though my time is running thin for I must get some work done

I think I have created enough stanzas for business

Now it’s time for CV, cover letters, and THEN maybe some fun


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